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Welch Systems, Inc. Announces Merger with Data Business Equipment, Inc.

Peoria, IL, January 13, 2021 – Jeff Martin, President/Owner, Welch Systems, Inc., recently announced the merger of his company with Data Business Equipment, headquartered in Des Moines, IA. In doing so, Martin stated that this will not affect Welch’s leadership, employees, offerings, or identity.

“As I announce my retirement, I can confidently say that the customers and employees of Welch Systems, Inc. and therefore its continued success, is in the best possible hands,” stated Martin. “Two strong organizations are now being led by Toby Geiger of Data Business Equipment. I know Toby will oversee both existing leadership teams to even higher levels of customer service and continue to provide world class solutions.”

This merger came about due to the planned retirement of Martin. In looking for a suitable partner to carry his succession plan forward, Martin believed Data Business Equipment was an ideal fit due to their shared vision and culture that made the family-run Welch Systems into the success it has been for almost 50 years.

“Growing is important to future opportunities and stability as a company. Bigger and stronger, while not losing focus on customer service is our goal moving forward,” stated Toby Geiger, President/Owner, Data Business Equipment. “The strong leadership teams of DBE and Welch Systems merging and bringing the best practices, resources and expertise together will position us well in the Midwest for years to come. We are very excited for the opportunities this creates and look forward to a successful future for all our employees and valued customers.”

About Welch Systems

Founded in 1973, Welch Systems is a privately-owned corporation based in Peoria, Illinois. Using both innovative technology and personalized attention, they provide custom designed cash handling solutions to community financial institutions. Their sales and technical resources are local to the areas that are served throughout Illinois and Eastern Missouri.

About Data Business Equipment

Data Business Equipment has been helping integrate technology into financial institutions throughout the Midwest since 1968. By helping them control costs, accelerate processing and increase customer service, they have become an essential part of their profitability and success. Part of their strength is the long-term relationships they have built and maintain with the top manufacturers of banking technology, enabling the company to provide practical solutions for any sized bank, credit union or other financial institution.

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Jeff Radtke | EVP/ General Manager
Welch Systems, Inc.

Toby Geiger | President/Owner
Data Business Equipment, Inc.


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