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Defining the Universal Banker

The information and internet revolution has transformed the tasks of everyday life for consumers across the globe.

Today, people can have same-day packages delivered at the doorstep, crowd-source information from restaurant reviews to traffic conditions, unlock the car from a phone, track burned calories while sleeping or instantly stream favorite shows on cable-less TVs in a single click. While this level of user convenience and customization is unparalleled in human history, the new landscape has brought many distinct challenges to all of the service industries, especially those in the financial space.

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Creating a Universal Experience in the Branch

In order for a universal banker to thrive in the branch, they need the right environment, tools and training.

In Part 1 we explored the who, what and why of Universal Banker. In Part 2, we focus on how to create the Universal Experience in the branch environment. Step One: Plan the branch design using a customer journey as a guiding beacon. Step Two: Select and deploy cash automation technology. Step Three: Train the staff on the organization’s new vision and how to employ it within the universallyenabled branch environment. The remainder of this paper is dedicated to outlining the systematic deployment of these three steps.

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Reinforces cash technology solutions leadership position

BASINGSTOKE, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At BAI Beacon in Chicago, it was today announced that Glory has been ranked 19th in the American Banker / BAI Fintech Forward 100 list. The report is a yearly initiative that identifies the forces and trends that are motivating banks’ technology investments.

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Now that the election cycle is upon us, we have certainly observed politicians running for the highest ofce in the land in their full force campaign mode. This includes, among other things, a fair measure of selfpromotion. It is not only politicos who are skilled at making their achievements and virtues known. Differentiating yourself by advertising your skill set and past accomplishments is fundamental to job searches, and successfully promoting the virtues of your products and services is paramount to the success of nearly all commercial businesses.

It stands to reason that the same general practices should be embraced by nancial institutions wanting to differentiate their brand. Yet, too often it seems like a good opportunity missed. As noted by Mark Twain, “I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one.”

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Make an appointment today to visit our demonstration center which showcases our leading edge solutions. Visitors to our demonstration center appreciate the additional insights they've gained from our interactive discussions. Call your representative today to visit us soon. 

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