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Teller Cash Automation


Glory RBG-100T7

With higher operational efficiencies and ease of use the RBG-100T7 is designed to meet the varying cash management needs of financial institutions.

The innovative RBG-100T7 provides higher operational accuracy creating more time for tellers to focus on customer service and product sales.

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vertera 6g

Glory Vertera 6G

The Vertera 6G Teller Cash Recycler represents a significant evolution in teller automation technology, enabling financial institutions to focus on service excellence and increasing customer engagement while still managing operating cost. The 6th generation solution, delivers a simple, flexible, comprehensive and integrated solution that addresses the real needs of customers and staff.

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Glory Benchmark
Series 7

The most complete line of currency dispensers in the industry, Benchmark Series TCDs are designed for low, medium and high volume applications, with varying security requirements. The Talaris TCDs are enhanced by a host of configurations, options, and peripherals determined by your specific operating criteria. Talaris tailors a system designed to meet your unique branch needs.

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Glory Secure Dialog Banking Tower

Adding an extra level of security to the Teller Cash Dispenser, the Secure Dialog Tower is ideal for open plan environments with lower volume applications where exposure is more of an issue. With a minimal footprint, the Secure Dialog Tower takes up little floor space and delivers the benefits of automated teller cash dispensing.

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Glory Instachange®

Easy to use, top loading coin dispenser, with the largest coin capacity on the market, and the ability to be shared by two tellers.

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