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Assisted Self-Service Automation


Hyosung MX8800

The MX8800 streamlines branch transactions and delivers quick and secure autonomously or with the assistance of branch staff.

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Hyosung MX7800i

The MX7800i is a multi-function, free-standing island terminal, which is much more than a simple ATM.

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Hyosung MX8200QT

The Monimax8200QT features an open-architecture and modular design,The Monimax8200QT features an open-architecture and modular design,providing the flexibility to take advantage of the current and evolving ways inwhich customers utilize the institution’s branch network.

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Hyosung MS500

Hyosung MS500

The MS500 is a digitally secure, fast and feature-rich cash recycler for financial institutions.

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Glory Teller Infinity

A unified customer banking experience

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