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Welch Systems, Inc. Announces Merger with Data Business Equipment, Inc.

Peoria, IL, January 13, 2021 – Jeff Martin, President/Owner, Welch Systems, Inc., recently announced the merger of his company with Data Business Equipment, headquartered in Des Moines, IA. In doing so, Martin stated that this will not affect Welch’s leadership, employees, offerings, or identity. “As I announce my retirement, I can confidently say that the […]

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Cash Is Vital In A Digital World

November 12, 2020 Baseball’s truncated regular season just wrapped up, and with it, so did many fantasy baseball leagues. I got the end-of-season email from my league’s commissioner earlier this week that showed how much I owed for my standard out-of-the-money finish. Now, I’ve been in the same league with the same group of people […]

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Retail Banking Post Pandemic

Peoria, IL; May 8, 2020 – With the current pandemic, we are all experiencing changes to our day‐to‐day reality. Hopefully sooner than later we will begin to see the return of some normalcy, but there are some things that will not and should not go back to the way they were before. A prime example is […]

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Consumer Payment Choice Coalition Says U.S. Currency Poses No Greater Risks Than Cards or Phones

Washington, DC; April 30, 2020 – Businesses that refuse to accept cash as a way to lower coronavirus transmission risks are acting contrary to the best available scientific evidence, according to a statement released today by the Consumer Choice in Payment Coalition (CCPC). The CCPC brings together a diverse group of leading consumer and business organizations with […]

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The Ongoing Role of Cash in an Uncertain World

In the midst of our global battle with the coronavirus, there is much misinformation circulating – do this, don’t do that, etc – and a part of this includes misinformation about the risks associated with the handling and use of physical cash. Moves to refuse cash payments have no basis in science and have the […]

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Branch Automation: First Things First

So here we are, deep into ongoing discussions and potential initiatives around getting to the right future branch strategy and footprint.  Some say, “no branches”, while others think micro-branches, pop-ups, or a scalable branch approach could all be part of the answer.  While branch transformation remains ‘front and center’ in today’s discussions, early experimentation has […]

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Branch Experience Basics: Defeating the Distrupters

Importance of a positive in-branch experience As financial institutions change their primary focus from cost efficiency to delivering an improved customer banking experience, this change of direction has resulted in measurable gains.  According to many industry reports, these gains are significant.  In its recent report, McKinsey stated: “US retail banks with better customer experience are growing […]

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TCR Supplier Selection – Beyond Feeds and Speeds

When it comes to selecting potential suppliers, the discussions typically move quickly to the things that are most easily measured, like operating speeds, feed characteristics, unique hardware features and of course, price. While all these factors are an important part of any technology decision, there are also more important factors that should be carefully considered. […]

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Teller Cash Recyclers – Don’t Major in the Minors

Within the context of the ongoing discussions about branch transformation, initial conversations most often revolve around strategies for improved CX, branch staffing, delivery processes, and physical facilities. Inevitably, decisions related to currently available technologies also come into the picture at some point with the goal of supporting the various decisions made about CX staffing, processes […]

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Branch Transformation Miscues or…What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Part 1: Staffing Much has been written, discussed and spent on the topic of Branch Transformation over the past few years. Yet, with all the exploration, experimentation, and evaluation, no single formula for success has emerged. Financial institutions continue to search for answers appropriate to their individual organizations. Tech suppliers continue to say they can […]

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