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Branch Transformation

When you’re transforming your branch into the “branch of the future” it requires the rights tools – and especially the right technologies. At Welch Systems, we have a wide a range of banking equipment to automate and eliminate tasks and take the burden off of your staff. Located in Peoria, we are a banking equipment provider offering banking equipment sales and banking equipment repair for all of Illinois, including the Quad Cities, and Eastern Missouri.

Transformation really begins with your people, and then proceeds though the processes they use to deliver financial services. Just as important, your branch delivery must be fully supported by the design and functionality of your physical properties themselves. While the first order of business in any bank transformation is working with and training your staff to develop new skills and change the way they work, the properties that you have – technology and equipment – will ultimately empower them.

Solutions That Work for You

Cash recyclers are effective because they automate transactions and allow multiple tellers to work from the same drawer. We also have other equipment that can help transform your branch including ATMs, shredders, coin sorters and counters, coin wrappers and currency counters – and we provide parts and service and support for every machine we sell.

Expanded function lobby kiosks – or assimilate assisted-service – is becoming more and more important to the transformed branch. These kiosks can provide virtually all of the transactions that are traditionally performed by a teller either in a full self-service mode or in an assisted service mode. Those customers who want to do it themselves are free to do so and those that either request or need personal assistance can engage directly with a branch staff member. This gives every customer visiting the branch a choice of how to fulfil their needs.

Teller Cash Automation

Assisted Self Service Automation

We're Here to Help

When you’re starting down the path of branch transformation remember it all starts with having a crystal clear view of what you are trying to accomplish, along with a precise understanding of what will be required of your people – and then making sure you have the technologies and equipment in place to make it all function smoothly.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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