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Why Welch Systems?

We do “whatever it takes” for our customers, and we are proactive. To ensure that Welch Systems continues to move forward and exceed customer expectations, we continue to research, monitor, and adjust to the changing banking environment. Welch Systems, Inc. provides onsite service for currency counters, coin sorters, coin wrappers, coin packagers, check encoders, check protectors, shredders, coin dispensers, cash recyclers, cash dispensers, ITMs, and ATMs. Depot repair service available for various equipment, including teller printers, ATM dispensers, and cassettes. Welch Systems Inc. is a certified Epson Repair Center.

Our Values


Building relationships with our customers is important. From calling into the office to place a service, order supplies, or just ask a question, our goal is to have a familiar voice answering the phone. When emails are submitted, we want to have our customers be able to have name recognition. For any type of communication with our office, our goal is for it to be quick and easy for our customers to be able to contact us. For onsite service calls, all of our technicians have a territory in which calls are dispatched directly to the technician. By having an assigned service technician, locations get to know our technicians in order to build relationships. Our technicians also obtain greater knowledge on individual locations, specific equipment history, and the staff that works within each branch. However, sometimes emergencies occur. Therefore, we do always make sure we have proper field backup. Based on call volume or geographical obstacles, we are able to monitor the technicians through the utilization of a GPS monitoring system. Our dispatcher is able to redirect calls to the closest available technician in order to decrease response time and downtime of equipment.


With an overall tenure of more than 340 years’ experience in our service department alone, the knowledge and experience is by far something that we are extremely proud of. All of our technicians are factory trained and certified, which allows for not only firsthand experience with the equipment, but also a direct line to the manufacturers in order to ensure continued equipment support and education. Not only do we make sure that the equipment works properly, but our technicians provide education through equipment training, tips & tricks, and “cheat sheets” to help empower our customers.


Security is extremely important. Therefore, when a call is placed with Welch Systems, customers can opt to receive email notifications on the status of their service calls. When the technician dispatches to the call, an email will be sent that includes the picture of the technician that will be coming onsite to work on the equipment. Customers that opt out of the email notifications can always go to our website at By choosing the down drop option of “About”, all staff pictures can be viewed under “Who We Are”. Also, each technician carries an identification badge with a picture in order to properly identify themselves.

Key Performance Indicators

All technicians are constantly being evaluated on certain key performance indicators – both individually and as a group. Some of the key areas that we track closely are the response time for service calls, the number of times a technician has to return to address the same issue on the same piece of equipment, the number of times a technician has to reschedule a call due to not having the proper part within their inventory, ensuring that preventative maintenance calls are completed in the proper timeframe, survey ratings from our customers, and the overall efficiency.

Customer Feedback

Our customers are our priority and the reason that we are in business. Therefore, we continue to set high standards for our employees to ensure that each customer knows their value. In order to ensure proper communication with our customers, we offer the option to receive automated updates through email when their service call is entered into the system, when the technician is dispatched, and when the call is complete. Upon completion of each call, we want to ensure that our customers have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience. Our goal is to continue to grow through the suggestions and feedback.

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E-Info – Online Portal

Through our online portal, customers can request full access in order to view service history, equipment information, and pertinent account information, along with the ability to place service calls and supply orders online at your convenience.

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Quarterly Reporting

For our larger customers, we offer free quarterly reporting on the teller cash automation equipment. Within the report, customers are provided a report based on overall equipment statistics, along with a breakout of each model. All service history for the specified timeframe of the report is also included in order to easily review.

Regular Scheduled Conference Calls

Based on customer request, we will incorporate status update calls on equipment. Customer can opt for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual calls.

Payment Options

Prepaid Agreement Options

We offer a variety of service contract options in order to fit the individual needs of our customers.

  1. Full Coverage includes on-site service calls, scheduled preventative maintenance, parts and labor at no additional cost to the customer.
  2. Partial Coverage includes on-site service calls and scheduled preventative maintenance. All parts are invoiced at prevailing rates.
  3. Cleaning Coverage includes on-site scheduled Preventative Maintenance inspections in accordance with the number of inspections agreed upon. All parts and labor are invoiced at prevailing rates.
Time and Material Option

Welch Systems also provides our customers with the option to be billed at the time service is requested. Preventative maintenance can be placed on a regular schedule with this option or can be completed on an as need basis.

Preventative Maintenance and Service Calls

On-Site Service Calls

For any service calls, under contract or not, Welch performs problem diagnosis, malfunction correction, troubleshooting, parts replacement, repair verification, customer interaction, and appropriate documentation of repair activities for the equipment. We also perform maintenance, which covers equipment/component malfunction/failure and includes lubrication, adjustment, labor to diagnose repair, and the replacement of any part that Welch deems necessary to the satisfactory operations of the equipment, in such a manner as to keep equipment operating in good operating condition, and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. If current software and/or firmware updates are needed, technician will complete if required to resolve equipment problems.

Preventative Maintenance Calls

Although it is important for the equipment operators to perform light cleaning regularly, more intensive cleanings and equipment evaluations by a factory authorized and trained service technician can make the all the difference in your long term investment. Welch provides preventative maintenance on equipment based on the frequency documented in the maintenance agreement contract or as requested by the customer if not on a contracted piece of equipment. Based on the volume of the location, the frequency of preventative maintenance calls may vary in need. Our standard contracts come with two (2) cleanings per contract year.

Why is regular Preventative Maintenance so important?

Below are the top 5 reasons to consider regular preventative maintenance on your equipment by a factory trained technician.

  1. Scheduled PM’s can help to reduce unnecessary downtime by identifying possible issues before problems occur.
  2. Allows small issues to be corrected before they turn into big issues, which saves time and money.
  3. Helps to build an optimal working conditions for equipment and operator by ensuring productivity does not suffer
  4. Ensures equipment continues to work properly, maintain accuracy, and perform efficiently
  5. PM’s can help to conserve the life span of equipment. If current software and/or firmware updates are needed, technician will complete these updates during the preventative maintenance.

Welch Tech Clean

Welch Tech Clean is your ALL IN ONE multipurpose cleaner, sanitizer, and polisher. Designed to clean, sanitize, and polish virtually any surface, Welch Tech Clean kills most germs on contact and adds luster to virtually any surface. Removes dust, dirt, fingerprints, and foreign substances.

Welch Tech Clean is environmentally friendly. It does not contain petrochemicals, waxes, silicones, or any harmful chemicals.

Safe to use on

Directions for Use

To obtain a clean and protected shine on your equipment, we recommend using a microfiber cloth.  Spray a microfiber cloth with the cleaner and then wipe equipment clean and buff.  It is not recommended to spray directly onto equipment or parts.  Let dry 90 seconds.  

To Order

Customer Cleaning Kits are available to order which include: 8oz bottle of Welch Tech Clean, microfiber cloth and a small brush. Also available are either 8 oz or 32 oz replacement bottles of Welch Tech Clean.

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