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We Make Cash Better

Maybe not the cash we carry around in our wallets, as it would be hard to make that better.

Consumers today expect to be able to do what they want, when they want, where they want, and there is more variance than ever in what they want. 

In order to meet today’s complex challenges and not burden your cost structure, traditional methods must be supplemented with automation.  At Welch Systems, our branch transformation solutionsteller cash recyclers and self-service coin machines – automate time consuming manual processes, enabling more flexible and effective branch staffing models.  Core integrated ITMs mark another leap forward in efficiency and service, providing consumers with 24-hour access to teller-line like transactions and funds availability via self-service, as well as the option for personal assistance from a live person through video or tablet.

Welch Systems is more than just one product, more than just one solution. Discover how our team can deliver comprehensive cash-handling solutions that connect with your business goals… for today and the future. 

Why choose Welch Systems

What are ITMs

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Eliminate the time and cost associated with the manual handling of cash. Now more than ever a move towards touchless processing can be achieved.

Our ITM solutions enable a seamless omni-channel experience with your financial brand, enabling your consumers to move seamlessly from self-service at the ATM to requesting in person or remote assistance. Migrating routine transactions such as deposit and account services to an automated self-service channel drives greater consumer convenience and allows branch tellers to focus on relationship and advisory sales activities.

Our state-of-the-art ATMs provide a rich consumer experience and enable quick and easy transactions with a greater range of services that a consumer can do themselves. Allowing consumers to access more services through the ATM also reduces costs for the branch by enabling tellers to engage in high-value activities.

Our Self-Service Coin Center offers your customers a more convenient way to deposit coin while reducing wait times, improving teller productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction. In addition, recycling coin (using your own coin) can save money.

Quick and accurate sorting and counting is an essential part of your cash management process. Coin handling is cumbersome and difficult to accurately count manually. Our range of innovative, proven and compact coin sorters/counters are designed for counting and reconciliation tasks in both front and back office environments, in banking, across retail and in the gaming sector. Our solutions will save you time, increase your accuracy and reduce loss.

Manual coin packaging can waste valuable time and efficiency. The use of automated packagers and wrappers accelerates coin processing, increases accuracy and efficiency, and allows more time for customer engagement while also removing the cost of outsourced coin processing.

Our currency counter/discriminator solutions offer a broad range of features and innovation - from variable speeds, counterfeit detection, mixed currency detection and authentication, dual pocket and touch screen, while maintaining a high level of performance and accuracy.

Providing the next generation in MICR encoding...the Mx-3.

Shred at the source! Don’t rely on a shredding service which can lead to a false sense of security to dispose of confidential material. Our product line ranges from desk-side to heavy-duty industrial quality machines capable of disposing large quantities of material daily.

If budget is an issue but quality remains key, our refurbished solutions can provide high level performance for many years. Our sales team can help determine if the refurbished unit is the right fit for your needs.

High quality and high performance money handling equipment backed by local service and support.

Counter, sorter and discriminator solution to help the visually impaired.


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