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Maybe not the cash we carry around in our wallets, as it would be hard to make that better.

However, for financial institutions, handling cash is a significant cost of doing business.  Lowering the cost can make cash better for you.

Currently, the branch infrastructure, operational procedures, staffing, and security requirements are all heavily influenced by traditional cash handling methods.  Without transaction growth, the cost structure is unsustainable.  Talk to us about how you can break the chains that cash places on your branch staff.  Our branch transformation solutions – Cash Recyclers, ATMs / ITMs and Assisted Self-Service Terminals  allow your branch to operate with unconstrained and customer-focused resources.

Branches are not going away.  They may not be getting busier, but they are still very important to your customer base and for attracting new customers.  Branch impact  the customer experience you deliver  will continue to be the competitive edge for your financial institution.

Please call us and let’s make cash better!

branch transformation

The simple fact is, while many are selling Branch Transformation, it is not something that can be bought off the shelf. Rather it is something you create and bring to life with human elements, supported by the right tools, facilities, and technologies in support of your vision.


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Today's tip comes from one of our Field Service Technicians: "If you have a printer that is feeding receipts but not printing after replacing the paper roll, you may have loaded the paper upside down. Thermal paper has a special coating on one side of the paper that turns black when heated. Since this coating is only on one side of the paper, only one side of the paper can be printed upon. A quick check that you can do prior to loading the paper is to scratch the paper with your fingernail. This will make a black mark only on the coated side of the paper. You can use this mark as a reference to load the paper correctly Also, the side of the paper with the coating is often noticeably shinier than the uncoated side. This, too, can be a reference when loading the paper." Check back next Tuesday for another helpful tip!
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