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The cash automation evolution began with fast and accurate tellers manually processing cash. Then came currency counters to help with pre-counted and sorted currency. The introduction of note-detection technology for currency counters reduced errors in sorting even further. Today’s technology offers Teller Cash Recyclers, which brings the cash vault right to your teller’s fingertips! Your frontline and backroom converge to accomplish massive efficiency and staffing flexibility.

Assisted Self-Service - The latest in branch transformation technology!

Welch Systems can break the chains that cash places on your branch staff. Our teller cash automation solutions allow your branch to operate with unconstrained and customer-focused resources. Using both innovative technology and personalized attention, we can provide custom-designed solutions to help you reach your goals. It takes more than just superficial knowledge to be a true partner. We have the extensive knowledge, skill, innovation and commitment to be your partner for today and the future. Make your appointment today to stop by our Center of Excellence and see first-hand how cash automation can evolve your branch.


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Robot Banking: Just Because We Can?

robot banking​I recently read an article published by The Financial Brand entitled “Will Robots Replace Tellers In Bank Branches?” I did so with great interest as in-branch technology that improves operational efficiency and the customer experience is central to our business. Is this where banking is headed? Removing the human element altogether from the branch experience is certainly possible, but is it plausible? Today it seems that technology enables possibilities that seemed beyond comprehension only a few years ago. However, care must be taken to apply technology to banking in such a way as to add real value for the bank or for its customer, and not just ‘because we can.’

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The Case for the Omni-Branch Network

omni branch​The consensus is in about the future of bank branches and about the future of cash, but I believe they are not quite right.  It seems not a day goes by that there is another article, study, or opinion paper declaring some inescapable conclusion about the future of bank branches and the future of cash.  Some claim that with the rise of electronic payment methods there will soon be no need for either the branch or for cash.  Others claim that the branches can’t go away, but must change toward a different purpose to meet the new needs of the customers of today and tomorrow.  They imply that all branches must adopt a particular solution model and then all will be right in the banking world again.  While there are elements of truth in all these claims, none of them are entirely correct.  However, there is a definitive link between the future of cash and the future of branches that must be examined. 

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About ERL: Working Both Sides of your Efficiency Ratio

about erlAccording to nearly all sources, improving efficiency generally, and the institution’s efficiency ratio specifically, continue to be top-of-mind with bankers. Simply stated by Cornerstone Advisors in their recent report, What’s Going On 2016, “Achieving efficiency gains tops the list of technology priorities for both banks and credit unions in 2016.”i

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